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Enjoyable Day Nursery

Discover the perfect place for your youngsters. Speak to Cherry Tree Bilingual Nursery and Pre-School based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, for a happy day nursery.

Nursery Classes

Look no further than Cherry Tree Bilingual Nursery and Pre-School for classes that are ideal for your children, no matter their current developmental stage. Our main classes are as follows:

Our Care & Education – Dependant On Individual child’s needs-Interest

Baby and Pre-Toddler Rooms
From 6 weeks* to 24 months
Ratio: 1:2/ 1:3

We endeavour to match up with your home routine such as feeding, nappy changing and sleeping and welcoming your wishes.

Babies and pre- toddlers are encouraged to fun gentle sessions of Spanish Language, to explore music, with guitar, piano and percussion regularly and to explore colour, and sound.

Kids with Umbrellas

Toddlers Room Toddlers
2 years to three
Ratio: 1:3/4
A gentle structure routine with a wide range of actives and where toddlers are encouraged to real music with guitar, piano and percussion. Fun sessions of Spanish languages with nursery rhymes greetings and farewell are introduced. Dance and music and movements, and Zumba is a joy for our toddlers. Toddlers are encouraged to enjoy early maths, with games and activities, to develop their language skills, undertake creative play and learn to relax at story-time.

Children are encouraged to early maths and reading.

Pre-school Room
From 3 years to 5 years
Ratio: 1:6 / 1:8
Under a management of a well experienced and qualified teacher holding an early years Professional Status Qualification and continued support from Early Years Consult ensures children are very happy, confident, eager, and well prepared for formal education.

Having an in-house Music Teacher our children enjoy regular music with guitar, piano, percussion. Music, movements and Zumba are very much enjoyed classes by the children

Also our in-house native Spanish Teacher maintains a bilingual environment at mealtimes, during arrival and at home time.

Children are encouraged to early maths and reading.

Contact Cherry Tree Bilingual Nursery and Pre-School for an enjoyable day nursery that puts your children in great stead for the move to formal education.